Our On-Site Dental Lab

What’s different about Jackson’s Dental Center? Many things separate us from our peers, including 20 years of experience, a caring team, and perhaps most of all, our onsite dental lab. Jackson Dental Laboratory will fabricate denture and partial denture prosthetic appliances. It's important that you receive dentures that look natural and fit comfortably. Our experienced technicians combine art and science to handcraft your dentures and partials--and we offer same-day emergency repair service, too!

From Our Family to Yours

Our in-house dental lab is entirely family owned and operated. This resource allows Dr. Jackson and our technicians to personally discuss each patient’s case for the best possible results. Improved communication means you receive excellent, handcrafted restorations. Unlike a lab that could be halfway around the country, our in-house dental lab means if you or Dr. Jackson would like a change, you don’t have to wait weeks to receive it. We provide you with a beautifully matched prosthetic tooth or teeth in less time.

Same-Day Denture Repairs

For patients who rely on dentures, we offer same day dentures repairs. We understand that your dentures help you accomplish a number of things, including eating, speaking more clearly, and smiling. You shouldn’t have to wait for such an important prosthetic repair. Before you try an over the counter denture repair kit, call our office. Dr. Jackson and our dental team lab are happy to help.

Our patients deserve great care at every visit. Dr. Jackson expertly serves the needs of Atlanta patients through advanced dentistry techniques. Contact our office for your appointment today.

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