Family Dentistry

Everyone benefits from regular dental visits, even young children and seniors. Jackson’s Dental Center sees patients of all ages, from 2-102! This means your whole family can visit our Atlanta family dental practice and see the doctor you know and trust. We also understand the challenges and needs of each family member, giving age appropriate care and instruction.

Children’s Dentistry

Kids love to learn about their teeth, and we take full advantage! We make visits to Jackson’s Dental Care a fun and instructional experience. Your child will receive a thorough examination, and we’ll teach them how to properly care for their teeth. If sealants or treatment for dental caries are needed, we’ll be sure to use an extra gentle touch.

Baby teeth have many important functions beyond helping deliver nutrition. They act as placeholders for adult teeth and help your child learn to speak. A smile full of bright, healthy teeth give kids the confidence to smile, a very important tool for making friends. Kids should see Dr. Jackson for their first visit between the ages of 2-3, though if you notice potential problems, such as teeth that have failed to erupt, please call our office sooner.

Adult Dentistry

Now that your and adult with kids of your own, make sure you take care of yourself and your teeth! As we age, we become more susceptible to decay and gum disease. A family dentistry visit every six months helps Dr. Jackson to spot potential problems early. If you’ve not seen a dentist lately, but are having discomfort, don’t wait to see Dr. Jackson. Extractions, crown and bridgework, fillings, and crowns are all restorative procedures that will relieve pain and have you smiling again.

For adults who would like to change the look of their smile, we offer a range of options. Small chips and cracks can often be repaired with bonding while teeth whitening allows many patients to achieve a brighter, whiter teeth often with a single office visit. If gaps, misshapen, or broken front teeth make you hesitant to smile, veneers may be right for you. If you have cosmetic concerns about your teeth, make sure to talk with us about it and learn how we can help.

Senior Dental Care

Aging presents challenges for many patients, including tooth loss. Jackson’s Dental Center offers dentures to restore function, comfort, and your confidence. Our onsite dental lab means that your replacement teeth, or other restorations, are ready sooner. We understand how important your smile is and offer same day denture repair.

Family Dentistry means caring for teeth at all stages of life. Call our Atlanta family dental practice for your appointment today. Our experienced, caring team is ready to make you smile!

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